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[Winner Anouncement] 'My Caforia Story' Contest

Date 2020.11.16 ~ 2020.12.07

We have the winners!

Caforia $100 Gift Card Winners

Naky*** OHosk****@naver.com
Young*** Kimji13****@gmail.com
Caforia $150 Gift Card Winners

Sooy*** Leemayki****@gmail.com
seong y*** kwonkwon.seong****@gmail.com
Sook Sag***sook.sa****@gmail.com

Nutridom Vitamin C with Zinc Winners

Meeyoun S***nmiddl***@hotmail.com
Wonjae J***peterjang2***@gmail.com
Jeong So yo***Cjj1***@gmail.com

Attention winners!
Please send us a confirmation email at md@caforia.com 
with the subject line '[Winner] My Caforia Story Contest'.

Thank you all for participating in our event. 
We will see you soon!

Meeyoun Shim 2020-12-07 21:47

I found this site has better price than amazon. shipping is fast. Great place to purchase health product. two thumbs up!!

Nakyung OH 2020-12-06 21:05

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명희 최 2020-12-04 21:39

best buy date를 최대한 늦은 걸로 주문합니다!

Sook Sagong 2020-11-27 20:17

I live in Canada and my mom lives in Korea. She is getting older and I always feel bad not living close to her. So we either talk over the phone or message everyday. Recently, she mentioned that her fingers feel very stiff in the morning and she can't move her fingers freely. She said that her doctor told her that she has Rheumatism in her fingers. I was worried about that but couldn't do much.Then one day, one of Caforia's youtube channel (it's about Rheumatism) popped up. I sent the youtube link to my mom and asked whether she wants to try these supplements. She said yes and I ordered the set of Rheumatism supplements and got it shipped to my mom in korea. The shipping was amazingly fast and it was free. After using it 2 weeks she felt her fingers got much softer and felt better. She watched other Caforia's video in Youtube and asked me send some other supplements as well. I felt happy that she watched others and wanted me to order them. Since the first order, I have been ordering supplements every month for her. She asked me to order ubiquinol, some other supplements which improves sleeping and helps her issues with ringing in her ear.Caforia made both me and my mom feel better and happy. I also recommended Caforia to my friends about the website mentioning them it's good to send something from Caforia website for mother's day or parents' birthday.

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Wonjae Jang 2020-11-25 00:08

I started on a diet with my daughter. And Caforia helped me a lot. I’ve bought Green coffee bean and took it for 5 months and lost 20 pounds of my weight now. I highly recommend purchasing supplements from this store. I am 100% satisfied.

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JI HO RYU 2020-11-24 23:26

What a nice products!!

Park Julie 2020-11-24 20:40

I’ve bought 3 lutein products. Your shipping is so fast. Just 2 days in ontario. I will send some products to a friend in usa with free shipping. She love Canada supplements.

Felipe Santana 2020-11-22 19:32

Nutridom Oregano Oil, Probiotics and Vitamins all products from Caforia are amazing, my wife and I are so happy to have found them.

Soyoung Park 2020-11-17 15:55

I watch a monitor every day while I am working and enjoying TV.I felt eye strain, and it was getting worse.After taking Nutridom Lutein for three months, I feel comfortable with my eye, and my eyesight is getting better.Thanks for the free shipping and the high-quality supplements.

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